Putting Your Practice Review System on Autopilot

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can set up a reputation marketing system that allows you to get positive online reviews about your practice, pretty much on autopilot…

So, what is a reputation marketing system and what does it do?

A reputation marketing system does three things:

1. It monitors your reputation – continuously scanning online review sites for reviews about your business to save you hours checking each site manually. When someone posts a review about your business, it automatically notifies you right away.

2. It manages your online reputation. Reputation management basically means “making sure you get positive reviews” (as well as preventing negative ones making it online) – we’ll look at how this works in a moment…

3. It markets your reputation – i.e. it takes your new reviews and tells the world about them.

Let’s take a look at each of these 3 roles in more detail…



Reputation monitoring is pretty straightforward: someone posts a review about you and you get an email telling you what it is and where you can find it…

This is important because it gives you the opportunity to write a personal response to each positive review and thank the person for posting as soon as the review goes live.

The benefits of thanking people for reviews are that it:

A. encourages others to leave reviews about your business

B. demonstrates that you listen to what your patients think

C. shows you are considerate and have good people skills (this may sound rather basic, but for prospective patients – especially nervous ones – this can help more than you might first imagine…)

If your reputation system notifies you that you’ve received a negative review, this enables you to quickly respond and try to rectify things – giving you a chance to sort things out (and maybe even get the review updated – or removed!)

And, of course, when you respond quickly, you’re also showing other prospective patients that you value feedback and are dedicated to patient satisfaction.



Positive online reviews help your business, but people tend to forget to write them, don’t have enough time, or are confused about what they need to do for each review site…

The reputation management part of the system makes it easy for your patients to leave positive reviews about your practice on the sites where you need them most.

Equally as important, this system also prevents negative reviews about your practice from finding their way onto the internet where they can do a lot of damage…

Here’s how it works…

First, a “ratings page” is set up on your website where patients are invited to leave feedback about how satisfied they are with your services…

It’s important that everything on the page is customised to fit in with your branding and the look and feel of your website. Here you can see a ratings page from Richard (the author’s) website: DentalConnections.co.uk

The patient clicks one of the stars to indicate their level of satisfaction:

Next, patients who leave you a high rating (you can decide whether that’s 4 stars, 5 stars, etc) are asked if they’d be willing to leave a review about you on one of the review sites you select:

It’s possible to select whichever review sites you want listed here… Some practices list all the sites they have profiles on, while others limit the choices to the sites where the reviews will do them the most good (usually Google, Yell or Facebook…)

When the patient clicks one of the review site buttons, they’re presented with instructions on how to leave a review on that particular site. There’s also a link to the exact page where they can post their review. Here’s an example for Facebook:

After clicking that link, they’re taken to the relevant review page on the site they selected, and that’s where they leave their review:

So, that’s the process for ensuring that satisfied customers are easily able to find their way to the sites and pages where they can leave positive reviews about your practice – building your reputation quickly and without it taking up much (if any) of your time.

But what happens if the patient is dissatisfied? We’ll look at that in the next section…

Filtering Out Negative Reviews

When a dissatisfied patient uses this system, the initial steps are the same: the patient goes to the ratings page, selects a star rating they feel sums up their experience, and clicks it.

However, instead of being directed to a site where they can leave an online review, this time they’re presented with a pop-up window (see right) with a customisable message.

In this message you can tell your patients that you’re committed to making sure they’re satisfied and would like to know what they aren’t happy about so you can address their issue.

Once completed, this message will immediately be delivered to your email in-box where you can take action to resolve the issue and satisfy (if not delight!) your patient.

Using this “review filter” on your practice website is a great way to move your patients through a series of small, predefined steps that will lead to a lot more positive reviews, as well as the opportunity to head off the negative ones before they find their way online.

But there’s one more part to the system: reputation marketing…



So, your review system has filtered your satisfied patients to the review sites and you have a number of positive new reviews.

So, what’s next?

Simple: make sure as many people as possible see them!

How is that done?

First of all, the reputation marketing part of the system automatically pulls in all your reviews from around the web and displays them on your website: either on a dedicated reviews/feedback page, your home page, or both so that all your site visitors can easily see them.

You can also choose which reviews you’d like to display: for example, you can show all of them, or set the system to only display reviews on your site that have a minimum rating (e.g. 4 and 5 stars, or just 5 stars).

As well as pulling in and displaying your reviews on your website, the reputation marketing system can also be set to automatically publish your new 5-star reviews on both Facebook and Twitter where your social media followers will see them…

Other Features of this System

Automate email campaigns to request reviews

Although many patients will naturally find their way to the ratings page on your website, you can ensure a far greater number reach it by running automated email campaigns through the reputation marketing system to as many patients as you like – even your entire patient list.

You can even set up a sequence of say, 2 or 3 emails that will go out when you specify. That means you could, for example, send out an initial email asking patients if they’d be so kind as to leave you a review. Then, a few weeks after that, you could send out another with a gentle reminder and the link to your ratings page…

Add clickable review graphics to your daily emails to generate extra reviews

You can also add “review snippets” like the one below anywhere within your emails to encourage your recipients to leave you a review. It’s as easy as cutting-and-pasting. You can even add one to your email signature so it goes out with every email…


One of the benefits of a reputation marketing system is that it works largely on autopilot to pre-qualify prospective reviewers and then direct them to the places online where they can do the most good. At the same time, it gives you an extra chance to help patients who are dissatisfied so you can resolve their issues – issues that otherwise could find their way onto the online review sites and harm your reputation and your business…

The system’s ability to automatically monitor reviews across the web saves you time and keeps you up-to-date on what’s being said about you online so you can respond quickly. And your best reviews can be pulled into your site for display there, and shared on social media to help to build trust and position your practice locally…

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